Letter from the Executive Director

DebraDear Friend,

I am very honored that Anita entrusted me to be the Executive Director of The Anita Kaufmann Foundation, her legacy.

Anita and I had been best friends since third grade. We had planned to celebrate our fiftieth birthdays together, but unfortunately, Anita passed away on November 26, 2003.

Anita developed adult-onset epilepsy due to a horseback riding accident when she was 14 years old. Despite being a beautiful woman, an accomplished attorney, and a successful businesswoman, Anita experienced discrimination because of her epilepsy. Anita always felt that the public misconception about epilepsy and the resulting stigma were far worse than the condition itself.

Anita was a visionary. She was a compassionate person who wanted to make the world a better place. The Anita Kaufmann Foundation is the only foundation of its kind — solely dedicated to educating the public about epilepsy and seizures. Anita felt that the public would be more accepting of people with epilepsy if they were more knowledgeable about the condition.

My mission is to implement Anita’s vision by changing society’s attitude towards people with epilepsy. One day we hope that people with epilepsy will be accepted in much the same way as people with glasses are today.

Our goal is to make the world epilepsy-friendly. Take a look at the many programs we offer to support persons with epilepsy and their families and please join us in making our goal a reality.

Thank you,
Debra Josephs
Executive Director