Medical Director's Bio

Dr. Nathalie Jetté is Medical Director of the Anita Kaufmann Foundation and Assistant Professor in the Clinical Neurosciences Department of the University of Calgary in Canada.

Dr. Jetté attended medical school and completed her neurology residency training at the University of Ottawa. During her Fellowship in epilepsy and neurophysiology at Columbia University, Dr. Jetté focused her research on continuous EEG monitoring, studying the incidence and predictors of seizures in adults with stroke and in critically ill children with various brain conditions. Women’s health issues are also of interest to Dr. Jetté, and she has done research on the effect of growth factors and hormones on women with epilepsy. Her work has garnered awards from the Epilepsy Foundation of America and The American Clinical Neurophysiology Society. She has won several teaching awards, and recently received the American Epilepsy Society and Milken Family Foundation Early Career Physician Scientist Award.

Her current work includes academic collaborations with clinical and population health researchers at the Hotchkiss Brain Research Institute and in the Department of Community Health Sciences. She is developing a program in health services research to study the needs of patients with epilepsy in order to improve their quality of life and overall care. She is studying appropriateness of care, access to care, comorbidities and health-related behaviors in those with epilepsy by using various data sources. Her work also focuses on the development of national surveillance programs in epilepsy.

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