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Epilepsy Awareness Projects For Every Month Of The Year


Pledge for Purple Day: Nov. 1st - March 26th
Help us reach our goal of raising $200,000 by Purple Day 2014. Learn more.

Participate in Pledge for Purple Day

This is an ongoing campaign.


The Great Purple Flower Project: January 1st thru February 14th - Valentine’s Day!
Invite florists in your town to feature PURPLE FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS to raise awareness and funds for epilepsy. We will provide them with seizure first aid materials. Suggested donation to AKF: 10% of purple flower sales.


Super Bowl Sunday:
Why not bake purple cupcakes for your Super Bowl Party?! Create your own delectable designs just for this special afternoon. Not a baker? How about ordering purple cupcakes from the bakeries that participated in our Great Purple Cupcake Project? Check out the full list of bakeries to find one in your community.

Valentine’s Day: February 14
In many religious circles, St. Valentine is considered the patron saint of epilepsy. Some stories say that St. Valentine had epilepsy himself. Others suggest that he actually cured people of their seizures and epilepsy. GODIVA is a big supporter of ours and chocolates do make the perfect V-Day gift, so why not purchase GODIVA chocolates along with a bouquet of purple flowers this Valentine's Day!


PURPLE DAY: MARCH 26TH - The Largest Grassroots Epilepsy Awareness Initiative in the World!
The Anita Kaufmann Foundation is a Global Sponsor of Purple Day and invites you to join the movement. On March 26th annually, wear purple and spread the word about epilepsy. Organize an event in your community, or simply get your school or workplace to go purple for the cause. Learn more about Purple Day and sign up to be an Ambassador of Purple. Please also check out our Pledge for Purple Day campaign which runs until March 26, 2013.

The Great Purple Cupcake Project: Check back for 2014 details.
Invite bakeries and cupcakeries in your community to feature PURPLE CUPCAKES! We would provide you with all the information you'll need to share with your local dessert artistes and we provide each bakery with a range of promotional materials. In return, all we ask is that a portion of the profit of purple cupcake sales be donated to The Anita Kaufmann Foundation (10% is suggested). Learn more by visiting our Great Purple Cupcake Project page.


National Library Week: April 8-14
Our sole mission is to EDUCATE the public about epilepsy and seizure first aid. Pay a visit to your local library during National Library Week and bring them a seizure first aid poster and seizure first aid bookmarks to educate the public. Contact us for information about bookmarks and posters.


The Great "Pamper Me Purple" Project For Mother's Day
Visit your local beauty salons and ask them to participate in our newest project. Request a purple Mani/Pedi or a purple hair extension to celebrate Mother's Day. We will provide the salon with all of the materials they need to promote the project and bring new customers to their shops. Requested donation to AKF: 10% of service.


The Month of Celebrations
Getting married this June? Know someone who is? Why not make The Anita Kaufmann Foundation the designated charity of your wedding? You could even wear a purple wedding gown! Having a Father's Day get together? Why not wear purple? Purple = Epilepsy Awareness. And, why not add a splash of purple to your desserts? Send us your celebration photos and we will put them up on our web site.


The Great Purple Lollipop Contest 2013 - Kickoff July 20, 2012
Have fun while spreading awareness about epilepsy!! Let’s work together to form the largest number of groups of people across the world gathering at one time with a purple lollipop in every hand on July 20, 2013…National Lollipop Day! Let’s break a record! Start this year. Find your purple treats and mobilize family and friends this July 20th and encourage everyone to create a buzz about it with pictures on Facebook, tweets and mentions on blogs. This year your town…next year every town! Complete details TBA.

July 4th - Red, White, Blue & PURPLE!
Tie a purple ribbon around the flag pole. Add a purple dessert to your barbeque menu. Add a splash of purple to that lemonade. How about adding some purple napkins? Come up with your own ideas and send us your pictures. What you do today to promote epilepsy awareness in your own back yard will travel quickly to your neighbors and then to their neighbors...


Summer Camp
Schedule a seizure recognition and first aid training session at your local summer camp. We can train via Skype and provide you with first aid charts to leave with the camp staff. Want to know about summer camps for kids with epilepsy? Check out Mighty Mike Simmel’s Bounce Out The Stigma Camp or contact for information about a camp near you!


Fifth Grade Education Program - "Thinking About Epilepsy”
Bring our groundbreaking fifth grade program to your local schools. We will train you via Skype to become a facilitator. Visit our Fifth Grade Program page to learn more about the program and how you can become involved as a trainer, volunteer or donor.


The Great Halloween Project: Trick or Treat for Epilepsy!
Dress up as a famous person with epilepsy and trick or treat for donations to support epilepsy awareness. See the list below and decide who you would like to be on Halloween night. And…order your special trick or treat bag coming soon to the AKF Shop.

Famous People With Epilepsy* Include:
Hugo Weaving
Vincent van Gogh
Sir Isaac Newton
Neil Young
Napoleon Bonaparte
Agatha Christie
Charles Dickens
Alexander the Great
Danny Glover
Alfred Nobel
Julius Caesar
Leonardo Da Vinci
Edgar Allen Poe
Theodore Roosevelt
Alfred the Great
Bud Abbott
Lewis Carrol
Richard Burton
George Frederick Handel
Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky
Charles V of Spain
Hector Berlioz
James Madison
Louis XIII of France
Martin Luther
Nicolo Paganini
Paul I of Russia
Peter Tchaikovsky
Peter the Great
Robert Schumann
Sir Walter Scott
Truman Capote
Chanda Gunn
Dj Hapa
Lord Byron
Margaux Hemingway

*Taken from Disabled World (TM)


Pledge for Purple Day: Nov. 1st - March 26th

The Anita Kaufmann Foundation launched the Pledge for Purple Day campaign so that you can play a very personal role in reducing stigma and getting the facts out in your community. Our goal is to raise $200,000 from November through March 26th, one dollar for each of the estimated 200,000 persons diagnosed with epilepsy in the United States each year. After all, it's up to us to spread the word about epilepsy!

Participation is easy! Visit the Pledge for Purple Day page for complete program details.


The Great Purple Bookmark Project
Bring seizure first aid bookmarks to your favorite stores. This is the best time to spread epilepsy awareness because the stores are packed with holiday shoppers! Contact us for the bookmarks.

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