AKF has a mission is to educate the public not to fear people with epilepsy, seizures, or brain trauma.  All of our programs are designed to eliminate stigma and increase awareness of these conditions and their impact on families and entire communities.   As the only foundation in the world that focuses solely on educating the public about epilepsy and seizures, we offer the following initiatives:

Purple Day® for Epilepsy Awareness – As the Global Sponsor for Purple Day® – World Epilepsy Day™ (every March 26th), AKF helps organize events around the world. We produce free awareness materials for public use.  In conjunction with epilepsy organizations worldwide, Purple Day® has become the largest grassroots epilepsy awareness initiative.

Fifth Grade Education Program Our groundbreaking 5th grade education program, offered free to elementary schools across the United States, provides students with an understanding of epilepsy, seizures and first aid, while promoting acceptance.  You can become involved as a trainer, volunteer or donor.

Public Education Program Through our educational outreach program, we work with businesses and organizations to provide staff with essential knowledge about epilepsy and seizure first aid. Trainings are available for, but not limited to, classrooms, police and fire departments, restaurants, department stores, or individual places of employment.  We also publish a unique collection of epilepsy information and seizure first aid materials that have been approved by our team of medical advisors.  All of our posters and bookmarks are available for download. Please contact us to schedule trainings or to learn how you can become involved in community education in your area.

Heads Up For Vets – Many of our Veterans are returning home from foreign wars with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Our bravest now have a heightened risk for post-TBI epilepsy.  We have collaborated with the Veterans Administrations Epilepsy Centers of Excellence and developed printable materials especially for these soldiers and their families. We also offer them epilepsy education training and individual supports free of charge.

The Great Purple Cupcake Project for Epilepsy Awareness Each year, during the week of March 26th, (or a date you can invite bakeries and cupcakeries in your community to feature PURPLE CUPCAKES!  All we ask them to contribute is a portion of the profit made by the sale of purple cupcakes (10% is suggested). We provide them with seizure first aid bookmarks to be given out with the sale of each cupcake.

Lace Up for Epilepsy – What better way to include purple in your day-to-day activities than to add a dash of purple to your step? Tie up your favorite sneakers or any lace-up shoe with purple shoelaces and the message “Lace Up For Epilepsy!”

Esquires for Epilepsy Awareness – This new awareness initiative, launching soon, offers law firms across the U.S. the opportunity to contribute to the community, learn seizure first aid and educate themselves about epilepsy in order to best represent clients living with the consequences of epilepsy and seizures.

Shop You can purchase t-shirts, retractable seizure first aid scroll pens, epilepsy awareness bracelets, Purple Day pins and other purple merchandise. Check back often for new additions!